Saturday, March 12, 2011

Multi/Black Funky French

Or, I should probably subtitle this post "macro is a bitch".  :\

I took inspiration from my Broadway Nails "harajuku style" glue-on nails from a couple of days ago (link), and tried to replicate the look using my natural nails.   I did it, pretty successfully, I thought.  It was pretty messy, but I thought I'd done a damn good job of cleaning up.  I used a brush and everything.  Well... this is what my camera saw...

Really?  :'(  Holy effin smokes.  I looked at my nails  pre-pics and I thought it was so cute.  It probably could have benefited from some nail guides, but other than that... I thought it was a success.  Then I looked at the pictures all zoomed in and nearly had a heart attack.  OMG.  :|  I promise you girls, I did clean up.  Like I mentioned above, I even used an old eyeliner brush, for crying out loud (normally, I'm just a q-tip girl).

Honestly, I was gonna chalk it up to a huge failure when I figured I'd go on and post it.  Afterall, it was a wee bit time consuming to create this look.  I figured at the least, you'd get a good laugh, and at the most, maybe some of you would find inspiration in my mess and recreate the look with much greater success.

To create this look, I sponged on Nicole by OPI Pink. Seriously (part of the new Target collection), Fingerpaints Chrysanthe-mum's the Word, and Zoya Robyn.  I think added a coat of Nubar Dewdrop over the sponged color, and a french in Illamasqua Boosh.  I then added 2 coats of topcoat.  I loved it before my disastrous macro pics, and even now, I really like the look, I just wish it was neater, and wish that macro was kinder.  LOL.  I think if someone were to try this on longer, squarer nails, it would look amazing.  Just think of all the color combos.  :)

Here's hoping my pic made no one sick.  :P

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