Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep Charlotte Revisited

So late last week, I happened to "like" Julep's Facebook page and discovered that they had linked my recent review post of their products.  At first, I thought it was so cool.  Then... I realized that almost all of the comments were blasting me.  :( They thought my application was sloppy, my pictures were bad, and generally, my post was crap.

My immediate reaction was to get extremely upset and vow to cease blogging (I may have even teared up).  I mean, no one likes being the center of negative attention.  I honestly think that most non-bloggers don't realize how much work goes in to a post.  It seems that the entire nail blogging culture (and maybe the blogger-verse in general) is completely different that it was when I first started.  I am not a professional.  Everything I do is through a process of trial and error.  With each post, you learn what doesn't work and what does work.  You try to improve with each week and sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't, but as a blogger, I am always trying to get better.  Trust me, go back and view some of my older posts.  Those were crap.  LOL. 

Then I got pissed.  :P

So, after licking my wounds and emotionally cutting by reading the replies over and over, I decided that for my own sense of pride, I would re-swatch Charlotte.  I thought the color was awesome, but most of the replies centered about just how bad my swatches were of that particular color.  So, I dug out my old camera (seriously, this Canon and I are not getting along) and took some new pics. 

This is 2 coats of Julep Charlotte.  I used my older Sony DSC-W310 with a filtered flash under a desk lamp.  I also cut down my nails as I just don't think longer nails and I get along. 

If you had an issue with my previous photos, I really hope this shows Charlotte in a different light.  It's a beautiful color. 

Also, I wanted to ask that if you are a nail blog reader, please realize before you trash someone elses' pictures, that attached to those hands is a person.  Yes, it's a person that is taking pictures of her (his) hands and putting them on the internet, but it is still a person.  The internet gives us so much anonymity that we oftentimes forget that we aren't just faceless, emotionless automatons.  This is one of my main issues with the nail blogging community at the moment.  With the rare exception, we are all doing this as a hobby, so please be mindful of that.  Yes, as a fellow blogger or reader, you are entitled to your opinions, but in the immortal words of my mama... "a little decorum never hurt anyone".  :)

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