Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritz

This is 2 coats of Putting on the Ritz over 3 coats of Julep Lauren, a bright fuchsia pink creme.

Putting on the Ritz is a mix of small and large black and white hex glitter in a clear base.  If you have been lemming one of the indie black and white glitter topcoats, but don't like bar glitter, then Putting on the Ritz is the perfect solution.  

Although, it's not that easy to find, as Dollish Polish is one of the more well-known indie-polish brands.  However, Dolly announced that this Friday she is restocking this polish, along with Aurora Borealis, Spank You Very Much, Random Dancing, and Urban Camo, on her website.  Unfortunately, she doesn't give exact times, though, so you have to stalk her site all day.  

Also, to help with availability, Dollish Polish is available at Overall Beauty (though with limited products and she's OOS now) and the brand is coming to Llarowe next month.  

On her website, Dollish Polish sells for $8.75 per full-sized bottle and $4.50 for a mini.  Be sure to follow her on Facebook for more information about the restocks. 

Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritz was purchased by me.  Julep Lauren was in my last Julep Maven box.  The above links link to a post on this blog, Dollish Polish's Facebook page, and various websites to purchase the products used in this post and are not affiliate links.   

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