Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Polish Problem's First Birthday Giveaway!

To celebrate A Polish Problem's first birthday/my first bloggiversary, I've put together (what I consider to be) a great giveaway.  You may recall a few weeks ago, I asked for opinions about whether or not to break this up into multiple gifts, and in all honesty, that's what I wanted to do.  However, I also know I have a tendency to flake out on stuff, so I decided to do one giveaway and do it well, rather than half-assing 4 little giveaways.

The theme of this giveaway is "my favorite things".  Think of it like Oprah's Favorite Things, only on a much smaller and nail-polish-themed scale.  :P

  • NARS Dovima - pretty much, my favorite red.  It's a perfect, tomato red that isn't too orange, so it looks great on any skintone.  I took it out of the box to photograph it, but it will come boxed.
  • Essie Viva La Vespa - my favorite purple.  This is a gorgeous tyrian purple shimmer.  This is a HTF, long d/c'd polish (though I think Essie brought it back in LE, along with SSN, a few years back), so it's OF.
  • ChG Emerald Sparkle - my favorite green, and probably one of my top 5 polishes.  ES is a deep green jelly packed with tons of emerald green glitter.  This one was released in 2008 and re-released for Holiday 2009.  This the original color, but from the 2009 release.
  • ChG Sky High Top - my favorite medium blue.  It's a cerulean blue shimmer.  It's included in this giveaway (along with the nail art decals), as I used it to create of my favorite manis from 2009 (please ignore the long glue-ons).  I never thought I would like this color of blue on my nails, but lemme tell you, it's what completed my blue-love conversion.  LOL.
  • Cina 3-D Nail Art decals in Daisies - my favorite nail art decals.  These look great with the blue of Sky High Top, but they are a great accent for a myriad of colors.  I really like this with a warm pink, like OPI ElePhantastic Pink. 
  • OPI Absolutely Alice - You know, when VH1 or E! has those "countdown" shows, and the #1 pick is a relatively new movie/TV show/star/scandal?  I hate it when they do that, and that's what I feel like I'm doing here.  LOL.  However, AA is definitely deserving to be in a list of "my favorite things".  It's my favorite glitter (even over my much lemmed and loved RBL Locavore), and my early pick of best OPI of 2010.  I know Mad as a Hatter from AiW got the most press and love, but AA blows it out of the water.  I love it so much, I bought back-ups, my first ever.
  • ASP Manicure Saving Claw - this is one of my top products.  I don't know how I'd ever live without it.  I use it mainly for konadding, but this would be perfect for redoing your pedi when you didn't want to screw up your mani. 
  • Ruby Stone Crystal Nail File - I really like this file.  It's pretty cheap in price, but I have no problems with quality, and I love that it's in it's own sheath.  My husband calls it Excala-file.  :P

(all products are new)
I was going to use a contest generator to keep track of my entries, but it looks like the one I used in the past is offline now, so I'll just do this manually.  Oh well, at least this way, I can offer extra entries.  :)

  • I ask that everyone that enters be a follower of my blog (new followers are just fine).
  • Giveaway is open to US and International followers.
  • To enter, please reply to this post.  If you don't have your contact email in your profile, please include it in the reply or send it to me in an email (
  • You can obtain 1 extra entry (for each) by...
    • following me on Twitter
    • tweeting about my giveaway (please include link in your reply)
    • mentioning this giveaway on your blog (please include link in your reply)
    • adding me to your blog roll
  • For the extra entries, simply mention in your reply that you tweeted/blogged about this, are following me on Twitter, and/or you've added me to your blog roll.  Each reply can receive up to 5 entries.
  • I will close the contest on 2/15/10 (a week and a day from now).
  • I should contact and post the winner by 2/18/10.

Whew, I think that's it.  LOL!  If you have any questions, please email me.  I'm pretty new at the giveaway thing (I had a previous one that I had to retract due to finances), so bear with me.  :)

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