Monday, February 1, 2010

KOTD: ChG White Out w/ ChG Heli-Yum and Migi Black

I was in the mood for something black and white and very graphic with a pop of color.  I think this one fits the bill, but there's also a lot going on.  I don't consider it a fail, but I won't cry when I take it off tonight.  LOL.  BTW, pardon the dry cuticles.  I hadn't had a chance to moisturize yet this morning.

The base is 3 coats of ChG White Out.  I wanted a very stark white and WO works, but it takes so freaking long to get the desired look.  I've heard OPI Alpine Snow Matte is a great white base and is opaque in one coat.  Plus, if you use a TC, no one is the wiser that it started off as a matte. 

After almost 2 hrs of drying time, I applied a full nail konad in the houndstooth pattern using plate m63.  The color is ChG Heli-Yum.  H-Y is amazing for konadding.  I find of all the non-konad and non-nail art polishes (like Migi) polishes, ChG is the most consistent and best for using with the konad system.

Then, because I am horribly addicted to layered konads, I applied a flower using plate m21 in Migi Nail Art Black.  I'm sure you've seen that I've used my white and black Migis in konadding quite a bit now.  I was sent these a few months back by Migi and I mainly used them for dotting my nails.  Then the pen tip on my white quit working, so I had think of another use.  They have a brush and they are very thick, so I figured they'd be perfect for konadding.  Turns out I was right.  :)

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