Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Argh! TD raises prices on Essie

Remember last year when H2T raised the price on Essie to $8 and we were all scared that the other etailers would follow?  Well, TransDesign has finally followed suit.  It took them several months, but as of today, the price on Essie is now $8.  VNS still has them for $4, but you have to email them to send you an invoice if you want a color from a collection older than Winter 09/10 (they've recently changed their site so you can now purchase OPI and Essie without having to be a pro).  You can also get them from Amazon and eBay sellers for discounted prices.

I know it was speculated that Essie was putting pressure on the etailers to raise their prices.  Makes sense from a business standpoint when you consider that Essie.com has an online store as well, and I'm sure the etailers were cutting into their sales.  But from a NP addict enthusiast collector standpoint, this really sucks.  It's kinda turning me off Essies and if it weren't for the new Resort collection looking like a thousand kinds of awesome, I'd be ready to say I was taking a break from buying Essies.  Hopefully, the other outlets won't be raising their prices until after the Resort collection releases.

What this has ensured is that I really have no need to purchase from TD in the future.  True, they carry Misa, but aside from that, I can see all my business being directed at VNS from now on.

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