Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pale Yellow Comps

In a post a few days ago, I mentioned that Orly Lemonade is very similar to ChG Lemon Fizz.  Here's proof...

Lemonade on middle and pinky, Lemon Fizz on ring, and, for good measure, Happy Go Lucky is on my index finger.

All 3 of these are 3-coaters and were streaky until you hit that magical third coat.  Also, they were all 3 a little hard to handle.  Thin coats is the way to go on these.

Both Lemonade and Lemon Fizz are pale lemon yellows, though IRL, Lemon Fizz is a very slight bit warmer, but it's so slight, no one would notice, or even care for that matter.  Happy Go Lucky, OTOH, is a brighter, sunnier yellow.  It's almost the color of the forsythias that are popping up everywhere right about now.  Of the 3, I would have to say that HGL is my favorite, but it's by a slight margin.  I love all three of them and can't wait to wear them more and more as we get closer to summer.

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