Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi all, sorry for being MIA for a few days.  Usually, I do the majority of my blogging over the weekend and then schedule the post to go live during the week.  At least, that's been my system over the past couple of weeks.  And, it was going well until I wasn't able to sit and create blog posts for a few hours on Sunday.  Anyway, I do plan on working on posts over the weekend, so you should see something soon.

EDIT on Monday - In order for one to photograph nail swatches, one has to have their camera battery charged.  One forgot to check for that before one swatched RBL 360 (:P), so I'll have to start over tonight.  Hopefully, I'll get some swatching/photographing done tonight, as I don't want to have been lags in the blog like I did before.

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