Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comparison: Zoya Caitlin vs Zoya Kelly

In my review of Zoya Intimate post, Roberta commented that she didn't know if she needed both Caitlin and Kelly, as they looked similar.  So I figured that would be a great comparison post, and I have to say before I post the picture that they are similar, but by no means dupey...

Left is Caitlin, right is Kelly

Honestly, they looked more similar in my mind than they actually look on the nail.  Like I mentioned in my post, Caitlin seems like a springy interpretation of Kelly.  To me, Caitlin is more of a grey-blue and Kelly is more of blue-grey.  If that makes sense.  IMO, if you love blues and greys, then yes... you need both.  :)

Both of these were sent to me for review

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