Friday, February 18, 2011

Adoree Polishes

Recently, the great folks at Esther's Nail Center sent me 5 Adoree polishes to swatch and review.

Unlike usual, I applied all these polishes over a sticky basecoat (Amour).  Some were thin so it made everything flow better.

Also, as Esther's lists Adoree by number first, I've included that with each review.

166 Deep Purple - Tyrian purple shimmer with red and blue shimmer particles.  This is a deep, rich, and regal vampy purple shimmer.  When I first saw it in the bottle, I thought I wasn't going to like it, as I saw silver ribbons.  And silver ribbons usually equate to frosty mess, but I was pleasantly surprised.  There is a bit of frosty sheen to the finish, but it's not brush-stroke-y and it's not unflattering.  This was one of the thicker formulas that I tried.  Pic is 2 coats.

216 Fruit Shake - Pale milky peach with silver microshimmer.  Okay, when I say "microshimmer", I mean microshimmer.  The shimmer is definitely there, but because it is so fine, it tends to sit on top of the polish, giving the finish a slight pearl effect.  It's not a pearl polish, but it does have a bit of a pearly sheen.  I think this is a beautiful color, although it doesn't really work with my pink skin.  I think it would look fabulous in the summer with tanned skin.  It reminds me of a peach milkshake.  The formula was pretty thin, but it was manageable.  Pic is 3 coats.

191 Harbor Brown - Medium-toned brown frost.  In the bottle, I thought this was going to more of a muted chrome, but once I put it on, it was full-on frost.  The shade is pretty... a slightly warm, pink-based brown, but I didn't really care for the finish.  I went very slow and was careful with my strokes, but you can still see strokes, which is just the nature of the frosty beast.  The formula was nice.  2 coats.

165 Ivory Tusk - Golden ivory shimmer.  This is another one I think would perfect on darker or tanned skin.  It's sheer so it would either need to be worn as-such or be used as a top coat.  I think this would look great over red or deep purple.  3 coats.

Tahitian Pearl - Grey-green/purple duochrome.  Unlike the other polishes in this post, Tahitian Pearl is LE.  Also, it doesn't have an item #.  It's the first polish listed in their Adoree selection.  If you love anything duochrome-y, you are going to LOVE this one.  The green/purple flash on this is gorgeous.  The catch?  Of course there had to be a catch... it's extremely thin.  Like if-the-color-wasn't-so-amazing-I-wouldn't-fool-with-it thin.  This picture is 5 coats.  I would normally never recommend a 5-coat polish, but the coats on this were very thin and it dried quickly.  After I applied the last coat, I added a coat of SV and within minutes it was dry.  So, while it is many coats, it's also not out-of-the-question.  It's so pretty, I say it's my favorite of the 5 despite the thinness.  It does look nice layered, but that has a tendency to change it from a duochrome to a shimmer.

In the US, Adoree is exclusively available at Esther's Nail Supply (at least I think it's exclusive).  I haven't seen it elsewhere online and I'm not sure if it's sold in B&M supply stores.  Adoree retails for $6 each and Esther's offers free shipping over $89 (they carry CND Shellac and a bunch of other supplies as well).

These were sent to me for review

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