Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pictures of Nail Art and DT Maybelline hauls

As promised, here are pictures and the deets of my DT Maybelline haul and my nail art (which I will now abbreviate as NA) haul.

First the NA... Like I mentioned the other day, I bought tons of NA cards from CinaPro. I was a little bummed because 3 of the cards I ordered were OOS, and of course one of them was the one I was planning on using for my 4th of July NA mani (I was actually planning on doing red, white, and blue skittles). Oh well, I may still do the mani, just change up my plan a bit.

Anyway, here are a couple pics:

From L-R, top to bottom:
- Pearls (not self-stick)
- Violets
- Spring flowers, 2
- Crystals (hearts, diamonds, bars, etc...)
- Glitter flowers and hearts (I plan on doing an awesome NA mani with this and BB Couture Dragon's Breath)
- Swirls
- Crystal feathers
- Christmas 3D*
- Kitties (it was a $0.25... don't judge me. LOL)
- Butterflies, 2 (another BBC mani planned w/ this. Planning on using Kokomo)*
- NA Try Me Kit
- Crystals, 10 gross (they sent me these for free. Did not order them)
- Mylar hearts
- Lace blossoms*
- Novelty shape crystals
- Gold and silver 3D flowers

I got most of these for a song. Like 25 and 30 cents. I paid FP for the ones with *, but that was only $1.79. Much cheaper than Sally's, even with the high shipping charge. Though I did find a seller on eBay that had 25 cards of 3D designs for a CRAZY price. I think it was $6 shipped. I haven't received them yet, but once I do, I'll update.

I used one of the flowrs from the Spring Flowers card on my L thumb

This was my second attempt at NA on this nail. The first one was a bust, so I had to replace the nail and decided to use a Kiss nail to compare it to the Nailene. I'll let you know the results (if any).

Lastly, here's a pic of my Maybelline DT haul.

L-R: Matte Grape, Matte Sapphire, Blackened Teal (forgot to mention this one yesterday), Khaki Fringe, Twinkle Twinkle, Majestic Mauve. I figured they wouldn't have anything. I just happened to luck out.

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