Saturday, January 30, 2010

KOTD: CC Fashion Addict with ChG Grape Pop and Migi White

I've actually had naked nails now for about 3 days, so it was nice to get back to polishing them.  I'm letting my nails be sans polish more and more lately, so I'm hoping this isn't becoming a bad habit.  I've been dealing with some personal crap (church crap, not relationship crap) lately, and it's really taken the wind out of my sails.  Plus, several weeks ago, my laptop migrated from the kitchen table to the living room.  I need to stick it back on the kitchen table because it's so much easier to polish my nails and then immediately do an update.

Anyway, this is CC Fashion Addict with ChG Grape Pop and Migi Nail Art White.  Plate is m57, and I did a layered design with the zebra pattern and then the accompanying flower.  I've recently discovered a love for holo polishes, as shown by my recent obsession and acquisition of holo OPI MPJ.  I've had a few holos in the past, most notably OPI Exclusive, but I ended up giving most of them away, as I didn't like them.  Yep.  I have up Exclusive.  I'm a dumbass, though I just gave it to my sister, so I can get it back if I need to.  However, lately, I've been loving all things holo.  Don't know why.  Probably the same reason I've been gravitating more towards cremes than shimmers.

Fashion Addict is from CC's 2009 Catwalk Queen collection.  It's a light lavender holo, that reminds me very much of CC Worth the Risque, only a very light purple rather than silver.  I decided to pair it up with ChG Grape Pop, from the U&A collection, in a zebra pattern and then an accent flower in Migi Nail Art white.

I love this one.  It makes me happy, and goodness knows... I can use some happy right now (I'm not trying to be vague.  In fact, I don't mind spilling my guts on what's been going on, I'm just tired right now and don't feel like writing a (longer) novel).

BTW, yesterday was my 10w anniversary of getting rid of the glue ons.  My nails still aren't 100%, and I'm still getting breaks because they are so thin in places, but I think they look pretty dang good.  :)

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