Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finger Paints Magenta Mood

Okay, so I go from never posting anything about Finger Paints to having two posts in a row.  LOL.

I was browsing Sally Beauty's website and saw they had several FPs marked down to $1.99.  I'm assuming the marked-down polishes are the ones that got d/c'd to make room for the 40 new additions.  I happened to see Magenta Mood and I thought "wow, that looks pretty" and then I thought "I think I have that".  Sure enough, I looked my long-forgotten bottom drawer and there it was.  I'm pretty sure I picked this up at the last B2G1F sale.  How I had this beauty for a year and didn't wear or even swatch it, I have no idea....

Isn't she pretty?  Magenta Mood is a medium (though it's darker IRL) pink-red shimmer with pink, red, gold and maybe some orange (?) micro-glitter.  It almost reminds me of the pink-red counterpart to ChG Ruby Pumps, though I don't have RP (my sister stole it) to do a comp on the finish.  It was almost opaque in one coat, though I did a second coat just in case.  Sadly, Magenta Mood is probably d/c'd, but it's still available at Sally Beauty's website.  You may be able to find out your local Sally's as well.  Sadly, Sally Beauty does not ship international (and I think that includes Canada as well). 

BTW, Happy Mother's Day everyone.  Last year, my mother's day present was 2 Lippmann polishes and this year, I think it's going to be polish as well.  Big Surprise.  I just have to decide what I want.  Probably some Zoya's from the exange.  :)

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