Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPI AvoJuice Mocha Mint Juicie

I'm always at a loss at how to post treatment pics, especially lotions and creams, as unlike polishes, they are often hard to see "in action", hence the boring bottle pic, but I loved this one too much not to share.  

OPI AvoJuice Mocha Mint Juicie is a fabulous lotion.  I feel like I'm always searching for the perfect lotion.  I rarely come across one that doesn't just sit on my skin.  But, this one doesn't.  Because this one contains Avocado and Aloe, it soaks in and makes you skin very soft to the touch.  It also seems to be working on my problem cuticles (YAY!).  Oh, and the best part???  It smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  For me... that = love!

AvoJuice Juicies are available in tons of scents and are actually pretty reasonable if purchased from an etailer. I got this from TD for $3.95, and I will definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle from them ($7.95) when this one runs out.  Also, there is someone listing this size for $15 + $6 shipping.  21 bucks for something you can get on TransDesign for $4???  Crazy. 

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