Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buyer Beware

This is just a quick little blurb (hopefully, but I know how I can get. LOL).

I recently ordered about 10 nail foils from Nail Art Plus. Of course, it was after I placed my order that I saw they were on the "bad" list on the Nail Board Shopping Savvy notepad. Stupid me for not checking beforehand. My order wasn't much, around $20, but it was still enough to be nervous about. I did a quick google search and saw where another blogger, Nihrida, had purchased from them and had received her order, but I still wasn't confident. I'd paid for the faster shipping, and the site said my order would be here in 7 days. It wasn't. I ended up filing a paypal claim and received my refund yesterday.

I'm not sure if anyone else wants to try nail foil, but sites with a good selection are few and far between. That's why I went w/ this one. But, I definitely wouldn't purchase from Nail Art Plus again. I would have gladly waited more than the stated 7 days from my order, had she communicated at all with me. I never even received confirmation that she had my order, just my paypal notice. I'm going to try Dollar Nail Art next, though their selection of foils isn't as good. There also is a UK company with a good selection, but I kind find anything on them, so I'm a little wary. The site is Glitterati Foil, and since they are in the UK, prices are more expensive in dollars than sites based here.

Does anyone have any good sources for nail foil?

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