Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mint = Fail

Or perhaps, green in general = fail. Dunno. (more on that later)

Let me present you the latest in my case against green. This is Essie Mint Chintz. In the bottle, it's a pretty mint green shimmer, perhaps a frost, and maybe that's the problem, but I don't think so.

Seems pretty enough alone, but once you get to the big picture with my fingers and skintone, it looks like a disaster. A minty nightmare. I tried to fix it by adding glitter (of course), Sinful Hottie (I think that's the blue one, I'm too lazy to dig it out, and trust me... you don't want to try this at home), but it didn't really help. It turned into a pretty aquamarine color, but it still didn't work w/ me. Bummer, because I really liked this color in the bottle.

Here it is w/ the glitter topper.

See how red it made the skin around my nails? They almost look bruised.
Add to this the fact that OPI Hey! Get in Lime looked just as bad on me, I'm figuring mint/light greens just aren't for me. Sob. I really wanted to love you. But what's worse, is I really don't think green in general works for my skin, which is weird because I love green eye shadow on me, so maybe it's just the difference in one being on my hands and the other being on my face. Orly Enchanted Forest was pretty, but again... the whole package didn't work w/ me. I have 2 dark green shimmers, Zoya Suvi and Misa Toxic Seduction (I think that's it, again... lazy) and I have yet to try them, if they look like doo-doo, too, I'm giving up. I would try them soon, just to figure it out, but I've lost some of my nail polish mojo lately, so my next mani after my current one will be something tried and true. I don't need anymore NP failure lately. It's bad for my psyche. :P
Also, one quick ps... I am currently trying a set of Revlon Runway Collection glue-ons. I'm probably going to be testing them the rest of the week, so probably no new manis from me, until the weekend or maybe later.

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