Monday, August 3, 2009

OPI You Make Me Vroom w/ Konad White Special Polish

I apologize for my lateness in posting. This was my mani over the weekend, and I just now got around to taking a picture and writing a quick post.

You Make Me Vroom is from OPIs 2005 (I think) Driven By Color Mustang collection. It's old formula/ old brush, and of course, has been d/c'd. Though, there are still plenty floating around eBay. I got mine from a less than 100% feedback seller (think 92% :S) for a $1.99+shipping. Cheap NP is worth the risk. LOL. I'm not sure if you are like me, and I know the trend in NP is now to be into greens, yellows, and blues, but I am still searching for the perfect red creme. I say that OPI's V&C is pretty damn close, but I've always wanted something a little lighter, though still with the same intensity of color, and a little more on the cool side. Like a cherry red, but with no pink. I think this color fits the bill. It's perfect. Well, almost perfect. I kind of wish it had the new PW brush, that I've become a total slave to, and I kind of wish it had OPI's new formula. I know old formula is coveted right now, and I have no problem with chemicals, but I never have as good an application with old formula that I have with a new formula polish. But in any regard, the color is perfect. Maybe there are dupes in OPI's core line, perhaps Chick Flick Cherry (?), but I don't have any.

The konad design was done using Konad Special Polish in white and plate m56. I normally don't use the konad polish, but I have a bottle of white from my starter kit, and from what I understand, white and black konad polishes are kind of a must, as other brands don't work as well in those colors in particular.

I am doing a new mani tonight, after my kidlets are asleep. Thinking of Essie Mint Chintz and something else, but who knows. I may change my mind. I always do.

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