Thursday, October 8, 2009

KOTD: ChG Cosmic/Fairy Dust with ChG Adore

Goodness... where has the week gone. I haven't been satisfied with a mani in days, so I haven't gotten around to posting anything. However, I finally managed to do one I'm proud of....

This is ChG Cosmic with a coat of Fairy Dust over top. Then I added a simple konad design in ChG Adore.

super close up of sparklies...

To start, I wasn't sure about Cosmic. It was horribly chunky after I applied it. Like Deborah Lippmann created it, chunky. Also, the gorgeous holo and silver glitter that was magnificent in the bottle, just didn't translate to the nail. It was there, but it kind of fell flat because the black base was so dark. The good thing was that it was opaque in one coat. I did a couple of spot touch ups on a few nails, so a few places were 2-ish coats, but for the most part, it was one. Unfortunately, that was the best thing about Cosmic itself. It's a great concept, but it just doesn't work with Cosmic alone.

But... don't give it up on it just yet. If you have ChG Fairy Dust, it's the perfect thing to put over Cosmic. Fairy Dust is a silver, holo shimmer top coat. I haven't been a huge fan of it before now, but over Cosmic, it's magic It basically brings it to life. You may be able to simply put FD over a black polish and get the same results, but I doubt it. There's something about the holo shimmer over the silver and holo glitter that is amazing. I know I said WnW FM Black Magic was going to be my go-to party mani, but this one may just take its spot.

And, because my NP ADD is always in full force, I added a konad. Design is in ChG Adore and plate is m8.

Also, this may be NP blasphemy, but I am not a huge fan of holos. I like some subtle OPI DS, like Fantasy and Sensation, but I gave my Exclusive away because the holo was too much. I've also been reluctant to use FD because I didn't like the look it gave in low light or shade. It just looked like flat grey dots. However, for some reason, even in the shade, this mani is amazing. It doesn't glitter like it would in full sun, but there's something so pretty about the grey dots over the black.

If you are interested in these polishes, Cosmic is from the new glitterpolooza of 50 new glitters that ChG has out now. Fairy Dust is part of the regular line up, I think I either got mine at Sally's or at TD. Lastly, Adore is from the Romantique Collection and I got mine at VNS.

Finally, I wanted to mention this here because I know a few of you have been keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers. I did get a bite on one of my resumes. It's for an Office Manager position with a local records company. I'm not counting my chickens yet because according to the person hiring, there are many resumes they have to chose from, but it's something. Until now, it felt like my resumes were going into a black hole. Still nothing for Tim, but if I get a job, he's seriously considering changing careers either becoming a math teacher or a CPA. Thanks again for your thoughts/prayers, I really appreciate them. :)

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