Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nicole Yellow It's Me w/ ChG Happy Go Lucky

Awhile back, I reviewed Nicole's new spring colors.  In my review of the collection, I mentioned that Yellow It's Me was both the most unique and yet most frustrating of the bunch.  It's an amazing yellow, but it also is still sheer after many (4-5) coats.  So, I decided to try it over ChG Happy Go Lucky.  HGL is a bright, vibrant yellow from the ChG spring 2010 Up & Away collection.  Here's Yellow It's Me by itself:

and here it is with Happy Go Lucky as a base:

You will probably need to enlarge this one to see the detail, and my index finger is probably the best example, but Happy Go Lucky is the perfect base for Yellow It's Me.  I tried it with white and that really wasn't a good fit.  However, with HGL, the sheerness is gone, but the beautiful orange and red shimmer shines through. 

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