Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OPI Soho Nice to Meet You

Isn't it funny how you can find yourself absolutely in love with a color at one point, and then at another point, perhaps years later, you find yourself not liking it much at all?  OPI Soho Nice to Meet You is one of those colors. 

It's pretty enough, right?  It's a shimmery, cool red that is very similar to OPI I"m Not Really a Waitress, though SNTMY is a little pink-er.  Back when I first discovered OPI (when I first started getting acrylics before my wedding in December 2001), this was one of the colors I fell in love with.  Years later, after my twins were born, I started getting regular manis, and my manicurist had a bit of a spotty selection, so I picked up a few colors so I could take the polish with me, as well as do touch-ups and polish changes it home.  Soho Nice to Meet You was the first color I bought.  It also was the only color I kept when I decided my small nail polish collection (app. 8 bottles) had to be given away (I have no idea what I was thinking) about 6 months later.  I used it off-and-on until my nail polish collection just exploded and then it got stuck in my cabinet and was promptly forgot about.  I think the last time I used it was in 2008.

Last night, I was digging through my reds looking for another shimmery OPI red, Rose to the Ovation, when I happened upon Soho Nice to Meet You.  The bottle was almost dry so I decided to do a little nail polish CPR and bring it back to life.  After a ton of thinner, lots of shaking, and a night spent on it's head, it was revived.  I was so excited.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the same as I remember.  It was pretty, but it looked so commonplace to me.  Like something I've already seen 5000 times.

After my not-so-favorable blast from the past with OPI Kimono'ver Here (pardon the crap pic in the post), it makes me wonder if I didn't see all my old polish loves through rose colored glasses (though I'm still in love with Orly Red Sea Pearl, so I know that's not completely true).  Or maybe, and more accurately, I'm the one changing.  I already find myself preferring cremes to shimmers and blues to reds, so it could just be that my tastes are morphing as I fall deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole.   

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