Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Sale Update

Hi everyone... I wanted to do a quick post about my blog sale. I am in the process of adding MANY more polishes. Probably 100+. I'm finding myself less and less attached to my stash and I'd rather they go to good homes than collect dust.

Also, I mentioned this on my blog sale page, but as I'm not so tied to my stash anymore, I may have, and be willing to part with, a particular polish you are looking for. So, please ask me.  I may just have it.  :)  FYI... I don't have Essie SSN or Clarins 230.  :(  LOL.

Lastly, if you see some polishes that you want, but you want to wait until I've finished listing all my polishes, that's no problem.  Just email me what you are interested in and I will hold them until I've completed my list (should be by the end of the week).

Thanks for looking :)

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