Monday, January 3, 2011

Born Pretty Store Giveaway Update

As my giveaway ends in only a few days (on 1/6/11), I wanted to create a post to give you all some ideas of the products you can get from Born Pretty Store, especially if you are the winner of my $50 giveaway!

They seem to be adding new products all the time, so this isn't an comprehensive post, but it's a good start.

Crackle Polishes - Crackle seems to be rage right now, with OPI releasing Black Shatter and ChG coming out soon with their Crackle collection, and Born Pretty Store has several to chose from.  I loved mine that I received for review.  Here are a few looks I created using them...

Striper Pens - I absolutely love these things because they are dual function.  You can use the cap as either a brush or a pen.  It's probably my favorite thing of the items I received from Born Pretty Store.  Here's a few looks I created using them...

Nail Art - As you can see from the above pics, Born Pretty Store has a variety of rhinestones and fimo canes.  The also have other nail art items like the ones below...

As I mentioned in my original posts, these are meant to be embedded in gel.  However, I find with nail art, anything goes.  Most things will stick with simple top coat, though if you have trouble, you can always apply a drop of glue.

Implements - I haven't mentioned these yet in any of my posts, but Born Pretty Store has a variety of nail and nail art implements.  Personally, I've tried the nippers and the nail art tweezers and I love them both.

Again, like I mentioned above, this is by no means a comprehensive list of the products carried by Born Pretty Store.  Other nail products include tips and full nails, cuticle treatments, nail polish removers, stickers (they have some Snow White ones now that look so cute), and foil striping, just to name a few.  On top of that, they have makeup brushes, false eyelashes, and about a gazillion other things.

Best part?  Their stuff is super affordable, and shipping (even internationally) is free!  So... if you are the winner of my Born Pretty Store giveaway... that $50 is going to go a long way.

The giveaway ends in 2 days, so you still have time.  If you'd like to enter... go here.

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