Monday, May 21, 2012

Barielle Date Night

So, one of the side benefits of re-organizing my stash was re-discovering polishes I had previously purchased that had gotten lost in the chaos.  One of those polishes was Barielle Date Night...

(I apologize for the super-short ringer finger... once again I had a bad break and I'm having to grow it back out)

Date Night came out a few years ago, at the end of 2008, right before the green craze in nail polish  reached a fever pitch.  I remember seeing pictures of it on All Lacquered Up and I immediately fell in love.  However, as, at the time I wasn't completely comfortable wearing dark green on my nails, I didn't buy it.  Of course, that was an issue I quickly got over, but I still never got around to picking up Date Night.  

Then, a few months ago, Barielle offered a percentage-off sale (I'm thinking it was 30%) on their website.  As polishes are always B1G1 half-off at, I decided that would be a perfect opportunity to pick up some of their polishes.  I mainly stuck to the new colors, however, as Date Night was the only one of their previous colors that I added to my cart.  

When I got my order from Barielle, I was so taken aback by the fact that the new releases didn't match their online swatches, that I stuck Date Night in a box and promptly forgot about it.  Then, like I mentioned above, I found it during my re-organization.  As I remembered how much I liked the color, I figured it would be a good one to use as a full manicure, before I stuck it on the shelf and forgot about it again.  :P

As I was applying it, I was honestly thinking that I was going to write a fairly neutral review.  I mean, in 2012, the color isn't as unique as it was in 2008, but once I started applying it, my opinion began to change.  As you've probably guessed, Date Night is a dark green shimmer.  That much is obvious, though it's what I would consider to be on the lighter side of dark green.  However, what isn't so obvious is the super-fine micro-shimmer in a shade of green that is one or two shades lighter than the base.  Also, there are silver ribbons in the bottle, that I first thought were going to equal to a frosty mess (that is not unheard of with Barielle), but that was not the case with this one (I was pleasantly surprised).  There are brushstrokes (probably a side effect of the silver ribbons), but in this polish, they were not bothersome and, in fact, I think the brush strokes add to the luster of the finish.  

Additionally, the formula on this one was perfect.  Sometimes, Barielles can be thick or goopy, and require a ton of thinner to play nice, but this one had none of those issues.  It was almost-opaque at one coat, and I simply had to apply a second one to cover a few thin spots.  It did dry a bit matte for me, but a quick coat of top coat shined it right up.

Barielle Date Night is available at  You can also find Barielle numerous places online, like Transdesign.  On their website, their are $8 each, but $6 if you buy in multiples of two (with the half-off BOGO).  They are $3.60 at Transdesign, but then again, shipping is much more from there.  

I purchased Date Night myself from Barielle's website.  The above links are not affiliate links.

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