Monday, May 21, 2012

Nail Polish Storage

For years, I kept my nail polish in increasingly bigger Sterlite storage containers.  Finally, when I had topped out a 5-drawer rolling rack and cussed under my breath every time I looked for a polish, I decided I had to think of another solution.  

I envied the wall-mounted storage racks, but sadly, my "polish room" is a corner in my bedroom and I just don't have the space to dedicate to the wall mounted racks.  That's when I realized that a short, narrow bookshelf would work perfectly in my space.  I went to Target to look at possible solutions and unfortunately, the bookshelves were just too deep and tall for my purposes.  That's when I saw the CD/Media cases.  

Target had a B1G1-half-off sale on homegoods that week, so I snatched up the remaining two and begged my husband to put them together for me.  I thought I would organize all of my polishes that weekend.  Then I had the bright idea to catalog all of my polishes at the same time.  So, my weekend project turned in to 2 months of off-and-on work.  

Yesterday, I'd had enough of my make-up/polish area looking like a bomb hit it, so I decided to finish my project once and for all.  This afternoon, I finally got all of my polishes in the media towers, organized by brand...

Whew!  I love the look of this.  It's easier to find the polish in this configuration that in the rolling drawer containers.  

It's still not finished.  I still need to create a new spreadsheet (my old one is horribly out of date) and I still want to organize the polish within each brand from light to dark, but this is a start.  :P

If you are interested in the media towers, you can find them at Target or on Target's website for $24.99.

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