Friday, July 17, 2009

ChG Thunderbird comparisons

On the NB the other day, a poster asked for a comparison between OPI INRAW and ChG Thunderbird. I happened to have them both handy, so I did a quick swatch of INRAW and compared it to the ThB on my nails. It's similar, but not a dupe, IMO. I think a closer dupe is OPI Bogota Blackberry, which I posted. I happened to swatch them both for another poster along w/ ThB and I figured I'd post the comparison here just in case anyone was wondering.

From L-R: OPI INRAW, ChG ThB, and OPI BB
I'm not sure how much of a difference you can see, but there is one IRL. ThB is the perfect in-between color for INRAW and BB. It's got that blackened thing that everyone keeps mentioning (I'm pretty sure Scrangie started it, so kudos for an excellent description!), and it's also brighter than BB and more red than INRAW, which is a cool red shimmer. I don't think ThB is a warm red (like OPI AAIRS), but there is no pink in it. If you are wanting a dupe, I'd say BB would fit the bill, but it's deeper and it doesn't look like a shiny, red mirror like ThB. If you love red shimmers as much as me, then I say get it... you won't be disappointed.

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