Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend mini haul and other ramblings...

So I think I have a compulsion to buy nail polish where ever I see it. We were in Big Lots on Friday evening and I happened to check the makeup section looking for some Revlons that were posted on the NB. Sweet Nothings, maybe? I can't remember the exact name. Anyway, so I found them... didn't like them, and saw these SHs instead. From L-R, Cardinal, Poppy, and Pink Sapphire. Unfortunately, I think Cardinal is going to the be only one I actually like. Poppy looks nowhere near as orangey-red as it did in the store and I think I have a dupe of Pink Sapphire, Maybelline Pink Carats, though PS looks darker. Cardinal, however, looks like a perfect true red, perhaps a cherry red. And I think it may be a jelly, but I can't really tell. They were only a buck, too, so not so bad. :)

Also, I received OPI Music Hall Curtain Call in the mail today. In the pic, it looks like a gold-tinged copper, but there's a little more pink in it, IRL. It's another one from the OPI Rockettes Holiday collection from 2006. I think the official name of the Rockettes collection is Kick Up Your Heels. This makes #4 in my collection from KUYH, with the others being Rose to the Ovation, Berry Good Dancers, and Star-ring the Rockettes. I'm also lemming Merry Crimson, Red Dazzle, Opening Night Champagne or I Get a Kick out of Gold, and Espresso Your Style. Though, since it's d/c'd and I'm having to buy off eBay, who knows if I'll get any more of these. It was an awesome collection, though.
I really think, however, that I need to slow down the buying. Not too long ago, I was freaking out about my car payment and my forgetfulness, and now, though things are okay, I'm buying polishes left and right. There is truly nothing that I need and buying for buying's sake is just a waste of money right now.
Lastly, I'm so over this mani I'm wearing. It's the same one that I posted about over the weekend, and it's just not working. I even applied a coat of Maybelline Golden Cloud over it and while it's helped, it still doesn't work with my skintone. I usually try to let my manis go 3 nights but I think I may soak this one off tonight and start over.

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