Thursday, September 23, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection - Cremes

Okay, so I meant to get this out to you much sooner than this, but like always... time got away from me.  I swear, my days move at double-time.  LOL.  If you want to see my review of the first half of this collection, the Shimmers, click here.  Also, normally, I'm really wordy in my reviews, but due to time constraints, I'm keeping it short and to the point.  I'm sure you all are relieved.  :P

From A to Zurich - pink/red berry creme.  2 coats.

Color So Hot it Berns - bright, red creme.  Similiar to Zoya Kristi and Jessica Scarlet, though CSHiB is a bit more jelly-ish.  3 coats, and there are still faint VNLs. 

I'm Suzi & I'm a Chocoholic - warm, chocolate brown.  Looks a bit more red in the bottle, but it's a smooth chocolate brown on the nail.  This is what I wanted RBL Au Chocolat to be.  3 coats.

Just a Little Rosti at This - browned berry-red creme.  From A to Zurich's browner, deeper sister.  2 coats.

Ski Teal We Drop - deep, yet bright teal creme.  If RBL Teal was too dark for you and Illamasqua Muse was a tad too light, try this!  This one is a bit bluer and a bit brighter than my picture would suggest.  It's a beautiful shade.  Probably my favorite of the collection, not just the cremes.  2 coats.

William Tell Me About OPI - deep aubergine creme.  This type of color, has a tendency to look a bit muddy, but I really like the finish on this one.  Beautiful and totally sexy.  3 coats. 


What has happened to me???  I love the cremes more than the shimmers.  Ski Teal We Drop, William Tell Me About OPI, and I'm Suzi & I'm a Chocoholic are the top 3 for me.  The red, Color So Hot it Berns, is beautiful, but dupey, and not all that fall-ish (though what do I know... 3 companies have released similar colors in their fall collections.  :P).  The 2 berry cremes, are pretty, and I do see myself wearing them in the fall (they would look amazing with brown), but they are kind of common if you KWIM.  Formula on all 6 was PERFECT.  I <3 OPI's formula and brush more than I should.  LOL.

These are available at salons and online.  OPI retails for $8, though you can definitely find these cheaper through online sources.

These were sent to me for review

FYI - I got my new camera, and unfortunately (maybe fortunately) the flash + macros = a big blown out mess.  However, I am able to use stabilization along with no flash and the macro feature, so it's actually a better situation.  No more annoying flash marks in pics.

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