Monday, June 1, 2009


That's the only word I can think of in describing my natural nails. It's now been 3 months, +/- a few days since I removed my acrylics. And, they aren't any better than they were when I removed them. :( I know that if I didn't wear the glue-ons, they would probably grow much faster, but honestly, I can't leave the house w/ my fingers looking like this. It looks like I stuck my fingers in a garbage disposal. I took the glue-ons off last night, b/c I couldn't stand Man of La Mancha one more minute, and I'm letting my natural nails take a break. I'll probably put glue-ons on either tonight or tomorrow. I applied a regimen of products in hopes that will spur on some growth. I'm just hoping they weren't damaged beyond repair, b/c as much as I like the look of the glue-ons, I really would like to be able to polish my natural nails at some point.

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