Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally figured out Konad (pretty much).

I got bored w/ my INRAW mani pretty quickly, but I've been so busy, I didn't have time to change my nails. Plus, my cuticles are a little ragged from the acetone, so I wanted to give them a break. So, after looking at my nail art decals and finding nothing I wanted to use, I decided to break out the Konad. Here's a pic:
INRAW looks really vibrant in that picture, it's not as tomatoey in real life, but we all know what INRAW looks like. LOL. Anway, I used Misa Got to be Real and Konad Plate No. 2. I also freehanded a french in Misa GtbR. Considering this was my first time having decent success w/ Konad and my first time ever freehanding a french successfully, I think it turned out okay. It's been about 3 hrs and it's still dentable, so hopefully, it will cure okay. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and I have a funeral to go to tomorrow evening, so I won't have time tomorrow to redo this. Please don't look like crap. Please. Perhaps not so appropriate for a funeral, but like I said... no time to change.

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