Saturday, June 6, 2009

NOTD: Lippmann Purple Rain

No pics right now. Camera battery is charging and it's late, so I'll have to wait until I have a charge and sun. :) I just wanted to give my quick "first impressions" review of this color while it's fresh in my mind.

I wanted to hate this color. Well, first I wanted to love it. Then I saw how problematic it was and I wanted to hate it. But I couldn't. I couldn't hate it at all.

The color is gorgeous. It's a frost, but it kind of looks like purple tin foil, but it's not a foil polish per se. It kind of reminds me of a Maybelline lilac frost I had when I was 9 or 10. It was part of the first batch of nail polishes my aunt gave me for Christmas that year. There was a lilac, a blue, and a pink. All frosts. I think she just did it to piss of my father who was staunchly anti-polish, but I didn't care. I loved them. Couldn't use them worth a damn and ended up painting my Care Bear's nose with the blue and my desk with the lilac, but I loved them just the same. I'd love to have them back.

So that's why I love this color. It takes me back to a particular time and place. It would have to be something beyond this polish for me to love it as much as I do, because frankly, it's a PITA. Very brushstrokey. It also bubbled and took hours to fully cure, so there are a couple dings and because it's a frost, it should just have a neon arrow pointing at them.

It went on okay. Was opaque in 1 coat, but I used 2 to even out the brushstrokes. Hate Deborah Lippmann's handles and brushes. Too short, squatty, and oddly shaped for me.

However, for all it's faults, I still love it. I can't tell you why because I should hate it, but I don't.

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