Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is why I can't be on a no-buy...

why I have to use the terminology "no big haul buy". Because I get the kids and the husband to bed and I shop on eBay. Last night, I got Essie Barbados Blue, and OPI Star-ring the Rockettes and Rose to the Ovation. I hadn't even been lemming BB or RttO. I'd bought OPI Greece Just Blue Me Away and unfortunately, the seller said it was OOT. Why their listed stated they had 8, I have no idea. I hate it when sellers do this. So I was going to buy it from another seller when I looked around for frosty blues. I thought Essie Blueberry Crumb was what I wanted, but while I was searching for BC, I found BB and I knew that was it. It all stems from me feeling nostalgic and wanting to get some of those frosty pastels I had in my youth. I found it for a good price w/ low shipping, so I was happy.

As for RttO, I hadn't even been looking for it. However, I was looking at pics of the Holiday Rockettes collection and I saw RttO and happened to do a nailgal search. Holy Cow. Gorgeous. Most of the eBay sellers had it in the $23 range, but one had it for a much lower price. Here's hoping it's not fake.

Lastly, I paid too much for StR. Like $15. Crazy. But once I saw the pics, I knew I had to have it. It came out when I was in my "just had twins" fog, so I just recently became aware of this collection.

Good thing my husband doesn't like money. :S

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