Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOTD: Orly Shine w/ Lippmann Happy Birthday

Back last year before Deborah Lippmann released Happy Birthday, I fell in love with a swatch of it on Vampy Varnish.  Of course, right before it released, her little blog tirade regarding Funky Chunky made the rounds and I kind of didn't want to give her my money right.  :O  So, once it released, I waited.  Once I was ready to buy it, it was kind of in short supply, then I forgot about it (plus, Tim was laid off in the fall/winter and $18 on one polish just wasn't in the cards).  Until, I'd see a swatch of it, that is.  Then I'd fall in love with it again and decide to splurge.  Of course, my brain is a sieve, so I'd immediate forget about it, and never got it. 

Then all this hubbub regarding Bad Romance and Across the Universe happened, and Lippmann glitters found their way back to the forefront of my brain again.  As BR and AtU are only at Nordies (or were, I think they may have since sold out or been put on B/O) and I refuse to pay Nordies high shipping (seriously... free shipping on $200 :|  Dang, Nordstrom), I figured I'd satisfy myself with Happy Birthday until I could pick up AtU and BR.  I used my new job as jusitfication, but really... I just wanted Happy Birthday.  LOL

I got her today, so I just had to show her off.  :P

This is 3 coats of Orly Shine (from the Foil FX collection) with one coat of Lippmann Happy Birthday, one coat of SH Insta-Dri, and one coat of Orly Matte Top (which gives it a satin finish).  I heart this.  <3  I can't wait to dry this glitter TC on just about every color I can think of.  It really does look like a birthday party just exploded on my fingers.  It's that awesome!

Orly Shine and Matte Top are available at e-tailers and Sally's (though MT may no longer be available there) and Lippmann Happy Birthday is available at Deborah Lippmann's own website and various online beauty beautiques.

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