Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Layering Experiment... OPI La Paz-tively Hot Matte with CC Strawberry Candle

In my previous post, I mentioned trying La Paz-tively Hot Matte and loving it on it's own.  If I hadn't been trying another layering experiment using my matte collection as bases, I would have probably left it as is. 

I'd previously used RN Matte as a base for Merry Midnight, so I figured I'd try the same with LPH Matte.  I had swatched with Merry Midnight and I liked the results, but I wanted to try it with one of my LE CC Japanese Glitters (which unfortunately, I didn't love on their own).  After comparing the bases, it looked like Strawberry Candle was the closest match.

I did one coat of the OPI and one coat of Strawberry Candle.  Here's the result:

I couldn't get the sparkle to show through true-to-life in the picture, but I think you can get the idea.  I liked the CC LE glitters on their own, but the felt a little sheer to me.  Layering it allowed the sparkle to really shine through without having to apply multiple coats. 

As for the CC itself, Strawberry Candle is a strawberry pink base with tons of fine multi-color (pink, blue, green, purple) and holo glitter.  The glitter looks to be different sizes, but I'm a horrible judge at that, so don't hold me to it.

The konad is Special Polish in White and plate m55.  Sorry for it being upside down, but I totally forgot to flip the pic before I uploaded it. 

The LE glitters are still available at VNS, and perhaps H2T (I think I've seen them there in the past, but I didn't check before I posted).

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