Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well this is cool...

Dermelect Cosmecueticals is blogging/facebooking/tweeting about me blogging about using their products to restore my natural nails.  Makes me feel like a celebrity.  LOL.  :P

As for the progress on growing out my nails... well, it's going to be a long one.  I'm able to use the Makeover ridgefiller to cover up some of the damage on my nails.  That, and the pale pink color of the ridgefiller are really helping to make my nails look less damaged.  It's a little too early, to see any true progress. 

My main problem now is with the tips of my fingers.  They hurt pretty bad, and I'm not sure why.  It's like the skin at the tips of my nails is damaged.  It's dry and almost like little calluses.  I'm not sure if it's because of damage caused by my tech's drill or for some other reason.  However, I know I've had this issue since I first took off my acrylics in March and it's one of the main reasons I started using the glue-ons.  When I had a tip on my nail, the tips didn't hurt.  Of course, this could also be exacerbated by the fact it's getting cold here now and I'm having to use the heat much more than I have been. 

Maybe I just need to be using a better hand cream.  I'm using Mango Mend and Cornhuskers Lotion like crazy, but they just aren't soothing my fingers.  Any ideas?  I have some hand cream (Vaseline) in the closet I'm going to try next, but if that doesn't work, I'll need some suggestions for a good (and hopefully cheap) hand cream.  TIA, everyone.  :)

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