Friday, November 20, 2009

ChG Meteor Shower

I've had this one on my camera for almost 2 weeks now, so I'll do my best to remember my thoughts. 

Meteor Shower is from the collection of 50 specialty glitters ChG recently put out.  It's one of 3 I own, along with Cosmic and Atlantis.  This is the last one of the three for me to try. 

What's funny is got it in my head that this one was named Atlantis, even though I'd worn and loved the real Atlantis.  And the entire time I was applying it, I kept thinking Atlantis was a perfect name for this color.  It really reminded me of the Lost City of Atlantis.  Deep cobalt blue with jewel-toned (emerald and sapphire) and golden glitter.  It's so pretty in that the glitter does get kind of lost in the polish, though not like it did with Cosmic, but when you turn your hands, you can see the sparkle peek through, almost like you are looking underwater.

So I had this entire post created in my mind centered around how Atlantis was the perfect name, only to realize that this one was named Meteor Shower.  Whoopsie.  :S  It's still a nice name, and that doesn't retract at all of from the beauty of this polish.

The pic is 2 coats and 4 coats of TC.  Like all the ChG glitters I've tried, this one was super bumpy.  It doesn't bother me, but I know it can be bothersome to some people. 

You can get these glitters at etailers and a few of them are still available at Sally's, though Meteor Shower is not one of them.

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