Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dermelect Hand and Nail Products

I received this information last week from the marketing company for Dermelect.  It's about some of their new products for hands and nails.  I haven't tried these first-hand, but I figured I'd pass it on just in case any of you were interested.  Alyssa with Marlo Marketing has graciously offered to send me samples of these products.  Once I receive them, I do plan on doing a detailed review.  I've been meaning to give myself a break from the glue-ons, so this is perfect timing. 

These products will be available this fall/winter at retailers such as Takashimaya New York, C.O Bigelow in the West Village and Miomia in Brooklyn.  Or you can get them online. The website is http://www.dermelect.com/.

Their list of new products is as follows:

Dermelect’s Anti-Aging Nail Lacquers ($16-18)
  • The first lacquers to utilize protein-peptide technology to hydrate, protect and strengthen nails.
  • Uses the breakthrough ingredient, ProSina (derived from New Zealand wool) to deliver a system of protein peptides directly to the nail bed, encouraging stubborn nails to grow.
  • Three nail lacquers: LAUNCHPAD (base coat), MAKEOVER (helps fill ridges on nails), HIGH MAINTENANCE (nail thickening top coat).

Dermelect’s Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment ($18)
  • Utilizes the breakthrough ingredient, ProSina, to hydrate and strengthen nails and relieve ragged, painful cuticles.
  • Increases the integrity, cohesion, flexibility and moisture in the nails.
  • Treats damaged, aging cuticles, facilitates growth and protects nails against chipping and splitting.

Dermelect’s Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment ($22)
  • Utilizes the breakthrough ingredient ProSina to provide unprecedented conditioning and hydrating capabilities to strengthen the skin while locking in moisture.
  • Addresses three key areas of concern: dry, overworked hands, age spots and thing, chapped skin.
  • Luxurious formulation that immerses you in a grease-free, quick absorbing glove of moisture—helps add elasticity and vitality to damaged, aging skin.
  • Protects against free-radical damage and acts as a mild exfoliant. 
I will be sure to post a review once I've been able to try the products.

EDITED to change my wording.  I must have been Megan Crankypants last night.  :)

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