Friday, March 23, 2012

Candeo Colors Dolce

So apparently, while I was taking my blogging hiatus, the latest trend became hand-mixed glitters.  Right when I came back, the Lynnderella drama was reaching a head, so I kind of avoided this craze.  That was until I found myself bored one night and poking around Etsy.  Before I knew it, I had bought 3.  This baby was the first one I received.

Candeo Colors had several glitters at the time, so I'm not sure what drew me to Dolce, just that it appeared really pretty.  This is a pale pink base loaded with white, pink and holo hex glitter.  There is also pink micro glitter and larger white glitter, as well as half-moons and holo bar glitter.  It's a glitter-explosion.  This is 3 coats of Dolce, and what I love about it as that you can layer the glitter for a deeper effect.  I love the imbedded look of the glitter from the first and second coats.  I also applied 2 coats of TC to even it out, but it honestly wasn't that bumpy without TC.  

I love this indie brand and I am so excited to try some of their new colors (please let me be able to get Jellybean next time.  LOL)
Candeo Colors are available on Etsy.  Their shop is currently open, but they are sold out of Dolce at the moment.  You can also follow them on Twitter at @CandeoColors.  

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