Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zoya Beach Collection Review

A few days ago, Zoya introduced us to their latest collection for Summer 2012, Beach and Surf.  Today, I have for your the Beach half of the collection, which is mostly a collection of high-pigmented cremes, with one exception...

Arizona - bright, sherbet orange creme.  Okay, so someone at Zoya is a Grey's Anatomy fan.  LOL.  Arizona is a bright orange creme, though it's not traffic cone orange.  It's definitely in the sherbet family, though darker and brighter than say, a creamsicle.  This one is a perfect summer shade.  Normally, I find that the formula on orange cremes can kind of be hit or miss, but I had no issues with this one.  I did use 3 coats to make sure I had covered any thin spots, but if you used a sticky base coat, you would probably be able to do 2 coats.

Lara - cherry pink creme.  This is such a pretty color and another one that is perfect for warmer weather.  I love bright pinks in summer and this baby is gonna be no exception.  Actually, all 3 of the pinks in this half of the collection are fantastic.  2 coats.

Reagan- bright, magenta creme.  As there are 3 pinks in this collection, you can think of them as sisters. Lara would be the middle child and Reagan would be the big sister.  It is more purple than Lara and is deeper in tone, but they are definitely related.  2 coats.  

Shelby - strawberry pink creme.  So if Reagan is the big sister and Lara is the middle child, then Shelby would be the baby, but she is no "baby pink", by any means.  I am absolutely smitten with Shelby.  The color is beautiful, and reminds me of Jelly Belly Strawberry Daiquiri jelly beans (my favorite).  I love that it's a light pink, but it's by no means sheer or pale.  I think this one is tied for my favorite of the Beach polishes.  3 coats.

Tracie - light green foil.  Tracie is the odd duck in the collection and she was also my problem child.  When I first saw the bottle, I thought it may be a more pigmented version of Zoya Gemma, but it's not.  What appears to be silver shimmer  in the bottle, is actually a slightly foil-y metallic finish, though it's not like the foils in Beach's companion collection, Surf.  The color is a bit hard to describe.  In my picture, it looks almost like a light lime green, but IRL, it's a little more murky and olive-leaning, and it did give me a slight case of red-hands.  I did have some issues with the formula, but nothing that makes me say this is a no-go.  3 coats.

Wednesday - aqua blue creme.  This one reminded me of the color of sea glass, so it's a perfect fit in this collection.  It's also tied with Shelby as my favorite of the collection.  This is an amazing aqua blue.  I did have a slight problem with it not wanting to level out, but this color is so perfect that I can deal with a small formula issue.  If you love aquas and turquoises, you need this one.  3 coats, though I mainly just applied the third one to see if I could level it out a bit.

All in all, I love this collection.   I know Zoya does some gorgeous glass-flecked shimmers and foils, but if there is something they do amazingly right, it's cremes, and this collection has 5 fantastic cremes.  Tracie is a beautiful color and would great as a summer pedicure, but the stars of this show are the cremes, with the stand-outs for me being Wednesday and Shelby.

Zoya polishes are available at Zoya.com and retail for $8.  The press release states that Beach will be available on 4/1/2012.

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These were sent to me for review

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