Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

So, as I was thinking of manicures to do for today, I went back and forth about what to do.  It seems like the big trend this year is water marbling.  Water marbling terrifies me.  I'm such a total spazz that I would end up covered in nail polish.  It would also be all over my table and my sink.  LOL.  

I thought about a konad, because I do have a shamrock stamp, but then I realized I don't have all the supplies to konad anymore and I didn't feel like going to Sally's to pick them up.  Then I saw a tutorial on Julep's FB page on how to create a shamrock.  I thought that would be easy-peasy and perfect for today.  Then I realized that painted-on shamrocks did not need to be green, and the perfect idea was born.

However, I greatly over-estimated my freehand shamrock-painting abilities because what started out as painting shamrocks all over my nails quickly evolved in to plan B.  That said, I really like plan B...

Okay, so it's not a conventional Saint Patrick's Day manicure, but think the pink and green work really well together, and I like my non-green, though slightly-wonky shamrock.  Here's what I used...

1. China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint (mint green) - on all nails except for ring fingers and thumbs - 3 coats
2. OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (light tea rose pink) - on ring fingers and thumbs - 3 coats
3. OPI Dim Sum Plum (bright purple/pink) - for freehand shamrock
4. OPI Divine Swine (red-based purple and silver glitter in a clear base) - over Sparrow Me the Drama
5. OPI Fresh Frog of Bel-Air (green and silver glitter in a clean base) - over Re-Fresh Mint

I feel like I practically forced this manicure in to existence, as I had to remove it once and then apply it again.  I almost gave up and applied a boring green creme and let that be that, but I was stubborn and wanted (most of) the idea in my head to end up on my nails, as that seems to be a bit of a problem lately.  LOL.

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