Thursday, December 23, 2010

ChG Sugarplums (frankened up)

When China Glaze Sugarplums first hit retailers, all people could talk about was the fact that it may be a dupe for the long-d/c, much-loved China Glaze Crystal Ball.  Turns out, they aren't dupes (though I don't have Crystal Ball to do a direct comparison).  The base colors are slightly different and Crystal Ball has more holo shimmer particles.  Now, I couldn't do much about base, but I could add more holo.  This is a combination of Orly Shine On, Crazy Diamond (which didn't do much), OPI Paris Couture for Sure (which I didn't want to use much of), and Color Club Magic Attraction (which I used the most of).  I don't have a pre-franken pic of this (though I plan on taking one soon as I have 1/2 a bottle left), but I absolutely love this with more shimmer/glitter.

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