Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lemmings come in strange places

Do you guys in the US (and anyone else that can get it) watch The Sing Off? I didn't watch it last season, but last night, I happened to catch it because Jeopardy ended and we couldn't find the remote and then I got hooked.

Basically, it's a competition for a cappella groups. As someone that loves to sing, and especially loves to sing a cappella... I was in (why I didn't watch this last season, I have no idea). One of my favorites was the group from the University of Oregon, On the Rocks.

So today I get to googling and find this vid of them singing Bad Romance (this was in the first episode of the season as well).

Um, cute boys, dancing and harmonizing to a Lady Gaga song? Yes please. I think I've watched this about 10x today already. I love it that much. Of course, this led me to purchase Lippmann Bad Romance. I just couldn't stop myself. LOL.

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