Monday, December 20, 2010

Comparison: Zoya Valerie vs. OPI Tease-y Does It

I decided to compare Valerie and Tease-y Does It because when I was swatching them separately, I thought they looked similar and on paper... they do.  They are both brown-plum hybrids with golden shimmer.  However, in reality, they are much different.


L-R: Valerie, TDI, Valerie, TDI

Tease-y Does It is more brown than Valerie.  It also is murkier (hazy, smoky, whatever) so the sparkle isn't as pronounced.  Pretty much, it's like comparing apples to monkeys, but I felt like it was necessary to post nonetheless.

The reason being... that if there is anyone else out there (like me) that just doesn't like Tease-y Does It, then Valerie would be a great substitute if you are looking for a shimmery browned-plum, but don't really like the murkiness of Tease-y Does It.  

Both are 2 coats.

FYI - this is a rare appearance of my right hand.  It's so hard to take pictures with my left hand.  :S  I had a bad break on my L index finger, so for the next few days, you'll either see my right hand or my left hand with the index finger hidden.

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