Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So, I caved.  Last week, I had a total meltdown and put a small(ish) NP haul on the credit card.  :O  I was having a really bad day and needed some retail therapy.  Not my finest moment, that's for sure, but I was dying for a couple Misas that were quickly becoming OOS everywhere (Dirty Sexy Money and Sorry, Just Can't Help It - which is funny considering how I needed this haul).  LOL.  I figured I'd get a couple of the new WoOAs from ChG and couple other random polishes I'd been lemming, ChG Moulin Rouge, Orly Sea of Light, and ChG Aqua Baby.  Only it gets here and no Aqua Baby.  :(  I must have been smoking the good crack, because I didn't even order it.  :S  I really wanted it too... much more than MR and SoL.  Oh well, AB is a dupe of Shower Together, which I had and frankened with before I realized how awesome it was.  And Sally's has ST always in stock.  I may pick up a bottle in the near future... maybe w/ Christmas money.  Sigh.  Someday AB (or ST)... Someday.

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