Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions and Ramblings

Happy New Year, everyone!  As I'm typing this, it's almost 12:30a on the east coast.  Sorry for being MIA for a few days, but it's been a crazy week, full of family drama.  Love that.  NOTD is OPI Don't Toy with Me with topcoats of Orly Fifty-Four and Love Each Other.  No pics, as the camera is dead, but I'll take them soon.  My nails have actually been nekkid for days.  I just haven't felt like polishing them.  I'm blaming the family drama.  LOL (I guess.  What else are you going to do?).

Annnnd, just when I thought the week couldn't get worse, we took the twins for their 4 yr old physicals with their ped yesterday.  He started talking about my son's issues and I swear I almost broke down in the middle of the office.  Blake, my son, is developmentally delayed.  He (and his sister) are in Pre-K3 through the school system to combat his issues.  Amelia is just a bit behind on social skills, but Blake is really behind.  Compared to where we were a yr and a half ago when we started this process, he has come full circle 10 times.  However, whenever he gets in situations where he can't get his way (she does too, for that matter, after all, they are 4, but it's different with him).  He reverts back to 18 month old behavior when he can't handle something.  So, he was in rare form for the ped.  He wasn't allowed to climb and act out, so his ped just saw this melty, screaming little boy.  Now he wants to send Blake for genetic testing and is using words like autism and mental delay.  :'(  He's been evaluated by child psychologists and they were checking for autism (among other things), and he's not even on the spectrum.  He doesn't have any of the signs.  Honestly, I think it's ADHD, and that's one of the things the ped mentioned.  I now need to start the process of getting him re-evaluated.  I really hope my son doesn't get pigeonholed into something just because they don't know how else to classify him.  I know it sounds like wishful thinking, but my mother's intuiton tells me it's not autism or mental delay.  To make worse, I keep getting the impression that my mother and sister want my son to be autistic.  There have been many painful conversations where I keep getting their armchair ped opinions and it really drives me nuts.  Back when someone thought my nephew was autistic, both of them got pissed, but they are doing the same thing to me and I hate it.  I'm sorry to ramble about that, but it's really been on my mind.  This whole situation is breaking my heart and it's hard not to blame myself.

So anyway, on to happier things, though the above does lead me to my resolution list...

1. to be a bigger advocate for my son.  I have a feeling this is going to be a hard process and I need to be sure to be as vocal as I can be.
2. to be more serious about my weight loss.  I really need to lose weight and not just for me, but for my kids, and husband.  I'd be so much happier if I were thinner.
3. to work out more (this ties into to 2).  Just 30 minutes a day on the treadmill would be so beneficial.
4. to work on getting my Temptations Parties business off the ground.
5. to start cross-stitching again
6. to not take my husband for granted.  I need to learn that not everything is argument-worthy.
7. to keep the house cleaner.  I hate to clean, but a mess house also affects my mood, so I need to work a bit harder at it.
8. to view the new year as a blessing and not a curse.  I have a whole year to change myself rather than a whole year until I get to the holidays again.

Eight things, but nothing that requires that much work.  Once I put my mind to it, I can do anything.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.  Happy 2010 (the year of my 35th b-day.  Ugh.  LOL).

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