Saturday, December 12, 2009

NOTD: Essie Clambake

Essie Clambake is a bright, tomato red jelly.  It definitely leans more towards the orange family than being a true red.  It's actually listed as a bright orange on Essie's website.  As you can tell, it's definitely more of a summer red, rather than a holiday or valentine red.  I just used it now because I'm trying to use my brands with smaller, easier to control brushes/handles due to my stubby nails and this was the first Essie I grabbed.  It looks like it would be dupey to OPI Monsooner or Later, though I don't own that one to do a direct comparison.  Application was pretty easy.  This is 2 coats and you can still see my VNL (what's there, that is), and any blemishes on my nails, though it doesn't look bad.  I'm also using one coat of Dermelect Makeover Ridgefiller and one coat of Out the Door TC.  This is part of Essie's regular line up and can be found at your usual e-tailers, eBay, beauty suppliers, and at 

BTW, I'm loving being able to polish my natural nails.  Compared to glue-ons it's practically low maintenance.  I'll probably be posting a lot more NOTDs in the future.

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