Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi all...

I'm so sorry for being MIA the past few days.  I've been meaning to post, but honestly, I've been so exhausted I haven't even been doing my nails.  My husband went back to work on Monday, which is great!  The downside is that now I'm having to get the kiddos on the bus in the morning.  Tim had been doing this almost exclusively the entire time he was laid off.  I'm just not a morning person, at all.  In fact, I'd be perfect happy if I could go to sleep at 4a and wake up at 11a.  I've tried to go to bed at a decent hour (11-ish) and all I do is toss and turn until 2-3a.  Then I have to get up at 6:45a to get one or the other of them ready for school.  Needless to say, I'm a zombie, and what sucks is it's my own doing.  I'm seriously considering using Simply Sleep (it actually works on me) at about 9p next week, so I can get some real sleep.

So like I mentioned, I've been too tired to do almost anything.  My nails were naked most of the week and I had my first break post-glue-ons.  :(  I do have a few posts to do, and will probably do them this afternoon.  I have some new Adorees to show you as well as another KOTD from the ChG Up and Away collection.

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