Monday, January 18, 2010

KOTD: CC Worth the Risque w/ ChG Heli-Yum

This post may not be coherent.  LOL.  I'm getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to post this one while it was on my mind.

Have you ever had a mani that you didn't want to take off for fear that the next one you put on wouldn't measure up?  Well that's how I feel about this one.  I have a few requests to swatch, so I plan on taking this off on Tuesday morning, but I'm going to miss this one.

I know a few people had wondered how the Up and Away collection worked with the konad system.  I've used 2 of them for stamping and they are great.  I especially love this over Worth the Risque.  WtR is an amazing polish.  It was perfect in one coat, but I added a second just to deepen the color.

Heli-Yum worked so well with WtR.  It really brought out the pink in the holo.  The plate is m64.

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