Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KOTD: OPI MPJ (holo) with ChG Flyin' High

Ah, the saga of OPI My Private Jet holo. Tell me Suzi, why in the world did you feel it necessary to replace the original, amazing, possibly the best polish OPI’s made, MPJ with the sad thing now billing itself as MPJ? MPJ 2.0 (4.0?) is an okay color, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as this. Silly Suzi.

This was a lemming I didn’t even know I had. I was fine with my current MPJ, but then I saw a pic of the original MPJ and it became a crazy obsession. I took a risk with an unknown seller, whose picture clearly showed a holo MPJ, only to have it be a regular MPJ. Said seller is now selling holo MPJ under a different item with jacked up shipping. Incidentally, if you remember my previous post about this, she never responded to my complaints. I don’t feel like really fighting it, though, so I guess I’ll let this one slide and chalk it up to bad judgment on my part.

Anyway, I managed to get another bottle off eBay, from a reputable seller, and though it was on the high side (around $20), I’m extremely happy with it. I wore this alone yesterday, and I kept looking down at my hands in amazement. I apologize for not getting a pic of this alone, but I do plan on doing a comp between holo and non-holo in the near future, so I’ll get one then.

The design is from plate m65, and I used ChG Flyin’ High as the color. It actually looks better in the pics than it does IRL, but I still like it.

BTW, I promise to get to those requests soon. I did them and then the pics didn’t turn out okay, as my camera lens was acting hinky, but I will re-do them and take pics soon.

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