Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you are interested in purchasing any of OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection

and don't want to buy from TransDesign (to avoid the "I have to add a crap ton of polishes to my cart to off-set the spendy shipping" syndrome), you may want to check out Nail Beauty 4 U on Amazon.  I found Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter for $5.28 each + $3.99 shipping (click the links to go directly to the items on Amazon).  My entire order was $14.55.  Considering my order on TD, if I'd just ordered the 2 OPIs, would have been around $20+, I think this is a great deal.

Fair warning, however, I have not ordered from this seller before, so I have no past experience, but their feedback on Amazon looks good, so I'm not (too) worried.

Feel free to pass this info on.  I'd post it on the NB, but I'm a little wary of posting "good deal" posts on there.  People tend to get prickly about lurking eBay scalpers.

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