Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - China Glaze Sky High Top

Since yesterday's post was so late, I figured I'd do today's post early.  :)  Gotta keep 'em guessing.  LOL.

Today, I have for your China Glaze Sky High Top...

This is Sky High Top, a bright, azure blue shimmer, with nail decals from Cina.  This isn't the first time I've used this exact combination in a manicure.  Almost 3 years ago, I used Sky High Top and these daisy decals for this manicure.  Even though that was with my glue-ons and my camera was crap, I still love the look of that manicure.  So when I found a package of these decals tucked in my storage container, I figured I'd give it a re-do for Autism Awareness month (though this time I went a little hog-wild with the decals).

My bottle of Sky High Top must have thinned over the years, because I remember it being a little thicker, but it was pretty thin this go-around.  I had to use 3 coats to reach total opacity.  I then applied one coat of Nubar Diamont and then the decals.  Once they were in place, I then sealed with with 2 coats of Diamont.  Yes, a lot of coats, but it dried quickly.

If you love this one as much as I do (it's still one of my favorites), looks like it's still part of China Glaze's regular line and is readily available.  I got the Cina decals from Sally's, but I also wanted to mention that if you like using nail decals, you may want to check out  They have fantastic prices on their products (you do have to register) and even with shipping (if you buy several), they are cheaper than Sally Beauty.

Thank you so much for reading my "30 Days of Blues" posts.

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